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About Barn Fabrics

Based in Darlington, my company is a hybrid of a fabric store and a base from where I create bespoke products for customers. Alongside offering outstanding cotton, polycotton, and more, I also create weighted blankets and sensory items for clients in the UK. You’re in safe hands with Barn Fabrics and I have more than 10 years of experience in undertaking this kind of work. Call me now to find out more!

My Background

Alongside my degree in textiles, I was a textile buyer for a major French company and also owned a textiles factory for 10 years. My other experience includes running the products for a host of well-known brands, including:

My Background

  • Marks and Spencer

  • New Look

  • Henne's

  • Walmart

I owned a children’s day nursery for 12 years and have been a qualified teacher I have also had training in psychology and autism. Having four children with additional needs has improved my knowledge in this area.

I started to make weighted blankets for my children to help them and for myself to not have as many sleepless nights. My friends noticed the effect it had on my children and they wanted me to make them for them and it took off from there!

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