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Sensory Products

Stunning Sensory Products for UK Customers

Choose some of the best sensory products on the market when you choose Barn Fabrics in Darlington. Offering handmade, bespoke products to customers throughout the UK, my business is proud to offer marble tracks, treasure bags, and more to clients. I create everything with you in mind and I love to see the difference my products make. Call me today to discuss what I offer!

Marble Tracks

Marble Tracks

  • Good for Anxiety and Stress

  • Calms Minds While Listening

  • Teachers Are Using Them in Schools as They Are Silent

  • Choice of Fabric Available

  • 10mm Plastic Bead with Hole and Three Rows of Stitching to Keep the Children Safe

  • There Are 4 Different Types of Track (Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Swirly)

  • Sequin or Satin Handles Available

Sensory Treasure Bags

In this treasure bag, you have a selection of sensory toys that can be catered depending on age and needs. It can include:

Sensory Treasure Bags

  • Fidget Spinner

  • Fidget Cube

  • Marbles In Mesh

  • Wristband Zips


Therapy Exercise Ball

Therapy Exercise Ball

  • Relieves Stress

  • Strengthen Hands and Fingers

  • Good for Arthritis

  • Hyper Mobility and Sensory

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